The following companies and indivduals helped me tremendously with the collection. Thank you so much.

Gerber Technology

I am very happy to announce that I have entered into a creative partnership with Gerber Technology! I am super excited to work with Gerber's great team. After spending time with the team in Las Vegas last fall at the company's annual "Ideation" conference, we quickly realized that we wanted to continue collaborating. I have been using Gerber's software, AccuMark, to 3D model my garments. I am happy to contribute to the development of Gerber's software to enable more designers to leverage this technology to create innovative products.


Recreus was very supportive all along the way. They helped make this project happen by sponsoring the materials I used. FilaFlex is a wonderful filament and I highly recommend it. I would like to especially thank the wonderful Sara Garcia. You're amazing. 


BQ logo+simbolo RGB.jpg


BQ makes the printer that I used to print my collection. After much experimentation, Witbox turned to be the printer to print with FilaFlex. I want to thank BQ's management for all the support they have given me throughout the year.


Yaniv Gershoni

Yaniv Gershoni is a super talented 3D designer. He is selfless and devouted nights and days to help me design and figure things out. 



The team at XLN got me started. They pointed me to the right experts in the industry. They taught me patiently everything about 3D printing. I would like to especially thank Michael Layosh, Yoav Argov, and Roy Keidar.

Anything is definitely possible!


Tsafrir Or from Giraffapop produced an incredible movie about the project. He was involved and curious about the project. A wonderful director with a great vision. 



Assaf Perez from TechFactoryPlus was instrumental in this project. He taught me tons about the technology and provided resources to help me print the collection. He taught me how to use Witbox with FilaFlex. Thank you!


More thanks

Daphi Heller who saved the day, and of course to Dan Peguine my PR genius.