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Danit Peleg, 28, is a Fashion Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2015, for her graduate collection at fashion school, Danit was the first to design and 3D print an entire ready-to-wear fashion collection - printed entirely at home. Her collection and the potential that printing clothes could have on the fashion industry has captivated the attention of millions globally.  For the Rio 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Danit used her 3D printing technique to design and print a dress for Amy Purdy, a double-leg amputee who performed a samba solo. Danit graduated from world-renowned Israeli Fashion School, Shenkar.

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Dan Peguine

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Paralympics Dress

Liberty leading the people fashion collection

Key Points

  • The first 3D-printed fashion collection printed entirely using home printers

  • Made by me: Danit Peleg, 28, as part of my graduate collection for my Fashion Design degree at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

  • Used FilaFlex filament & Witbox home printers

  • Took 9 months of research and development.

  • It took more than 2000 hours to print, about 400 hours per outfit

  • Was helped by the Tel-Aviv based 3D printing "makers" community: the 3D-printing lab TechFactoryPlus and the XLN community.

  • The textile designs were inspired by Andreas Bastian's Mesostructured Cellular Materials. By printing these structures with soft materials, Danit created new textiles that she could design fashion with.

  • This collection pushes the envelope and brings us even closer to the day we will all be printing our own clothes from home. 

  • To learn more, I recommend reading the process page


For more info, please do no hesitate to contact press@danitpeleg.com