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Danit Peleg, 29, is a Fashion Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2015, for her graduate collection at fashion school, Danit was the first to design and 3D print an entire ready-to-wear fashion collection – printed entirely at home. Her collection and the potential that printing clothes could have on the fashion industry has captivated the attention of millions globally. For the Rio 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Danit used her 3D printing technique to design and print a dress for Amy Purdy, a double-leg amputee who performed a samba solo. In 2017, Danit unveiled her second collection and released the first 3D printed garment available to purchase online.

Danit is a TED speaker and has been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Danit is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and she is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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  • The ‘Imagine’ jacket is part of my second 3D printed collection, ‘The Birth of Venus’
  • This is the world’s very first RTW 3D printed garment available to buy online
  • The jacket is printed-to-order and can be customised and personalized on Danit’s website.
  • As every individual jacket takes roughly 100 hours to print, the Imagine jacket is part of a limited edition of just 100 pieces. Every jacket is numbered and it retails at $1,500.
  • The jackets will be printed in Spain and assembled and shipped from Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • The jacket’s exterior is 100% 3D printed and is attached to a fabric lining. It is also possible to choose a word to be 3D printed on the back of the jacket.
  • Customers can personalize the jacket by selecting a word of their choice to be 3D printed on the back of the jacket.
  • To ensure the jacket fits perfectly, Danit will hold a personal virtual fitting session for every order using a special app called Nettelo
  • Unlike traditional production, the process of 3D printing the jacket produces zero waste and no extra materials.
  • Printing this collection was 3X faster than my first collection thanks to advancement in printing technology
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The Birth of Venus Collection

3D Printed Clothes You Can Buy Today
This 2017 collection was inspired by the dress that I had designed for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony. The collection has 5 looks and is printed using FilaFlex filaments. One of the collection’s garments, the ready-to-wear bomber jacket, is the first fully customizable and personalizable 3D printed garment available to purchase online. Printing this collection was 3X faster than my first collection thanks to advancement in printing technology.

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3D Printed Dress @ The Paralympic Games

A dress commissioned for a segment that symbolizes the coexistence of humans and technology.
I was commissioned to design a 3D printed dress for Paralympian Amy Purdy to perform with at the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. The dress was entirely 3D printed, and was custom fitted to Amy’s measurements. My inspiration for the dress was Sandro Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus. I was inspired to use the many diamond shapes present in the painting’s composition and the nude color of Venus. The performance was watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

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Photo credits: Marina Ribas

Liberty leading the people – 2015

The first RTW 3D printed fashion collection printed at home
As part of my graduate collection for the Fashion Design degree at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, I printed an entire fashion collection using desktop 3D printers. The collection has 5 looks and was printed using FilaFlex filaments & Witbox home printers. The research took 9 months, and the collection itself took more than 2000 hours to print, at about 400 hours per outfit. I was helped by the Tel Aviv based 3D printing “makers” community.

The textile designs were inspired by Andreas Bastian’s Mesostructured Cellular Materials. By printing these structures with soft materials, I created new textiles that I could design fashion with.

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