Gerber Technology Roadshow NYC+ SF

Danit Peleg

“Gerber Technology is bringing the latest FashionTech ideas and innovations to the Coasts.

The fashion industry’s first traveling technology showcase is coming to San Francisco. Attendees will discover practical ways to use digital technology to maximize profitability, promote collaboration and accelerate time to market.

Highlights include:

  • The Future is in the Cloud: a discussion of the benefits and security of the cloud
  • Fast Fashion and Social Responsibility: a look at how technology can support business practices that are good for your business and society
  • Shining a Light on the Supply Chain: discover techniques to improve supply chain collaboration to cut time to market, boost productivity and profits
  • We Live in a 3D World: explore the impact of 3D on design, sampling, merchandising and PLM
  • Are You Ready for On-Demand Manufacturing: learn how new technology is reshaping business allowing small runs and mass customization in fashion
  • Technology is Fashion-Forward: glimpse the future of fashion tech in our fashion show finale