3DP Workshop

November 27th-29th

Learn everything you need to know about 3D Printed Fashion in a 3-Day Online Workshop

Join me on the front-lines of fashion history and learn how to 3D print fashion – all by yourself!

We are proud to introduce and invite you to learn from 3D printing expert Danit Peleg in an eight hour, live workshop that will give you the knowledge and insights from Danit’s past three years of research and experience with 3D printing fashion – all in just three days!

Over the course of the three, intimate live sessions with our 3DP fashion designer, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of fashion-tech history, as well as the precise tools and skill set required to begin your own 3D printing journey. Absolutely no previous experience required!

Reserve Your Spot Now – $540

Here are some details on what will be covered in this interactive, online workshop:


Day 1

Danit will share the story of how she got started with 3D printed fashion, explore the history and more recent innovations of 3D printing in fashion, as well as the techniques, limitations, and challenges presented today.

Day 2

The different ways in which 3DP continues to revolutionize the entire fashion industry will be demonstrated, as well as the practical, step-by-step process of creating design files without knowing how to 3D model. At the end of the session, Danit will review each student’s textiles designs and send them off for printing!

Day 3

With an extended Q&A period, there will be more opportunity to ask specific questions, gain insider tips on how to move forward with the tools learned in the course, how to deepen your knowledge and where to buy your own printer and materials.

The final day of the course will further allow students to take a closer look at the details of Danit’s previously created patterns and prints.

You’ll get 3D printed graduation gifts!

After completing the three-day course you’ll leave with the practical knowledge needed to create and print your own designs, as well as:

  • A print out of your own textile design
  • Two Danit Peleg catalogs
  • A beginners-kit including a design file for an original Danit Peleg 3DP garment and all necessary instructions to print and assemble


Reserve Your Spot – $540

This workshop is proudly produced in partnership with Gerber Technology

The upcoming course will take place November 27th-29th, 09:00-11:30 am CST
Join for our first session for a special price of $540 for the three-day course.

For questions and more information, write to us at booking@danitpeleg.com
We will be happily accepting date suggestions for our second run of the course, so please reach out with your input!

*This course is limited to 20 participants and spots are available on a first-come basis, so move quick!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Frequently asked questions about the workshop

We currently do not have a specific date for the next course but believe it will be in the beginning of 2019. We will be happily accepting date suggestions for our third run of the course, so please reach out with your input!
Anywhere there’s a strong wifi connection! This is a live, online, virtual workshop, so if you’ve got access to the internet, you can join us (even if you’re sitting on our couch in your pajamas!)
This is a beginners course with absolutely no prior experience required – just an interest in fashion tech and a passion to learn.
Click here to purchase tickets and reserve your place.
Space is limited – we only have 15 spots available for our first course, so move quick!
While this will not be a main focus of the course, I will introduce 3D modeling through several different softwares listed below.
This is the first step in the process of 3D printing fashion, so you will learn how to 3D print swatches of textiles without having any background in 3D modeling.
-3D Build
-Photoshop + Illustrator (if participants already have)
All softwares we will be using (aside from optional Photoshop + Illustrator), are open-source and do not require a license to be purchased.
One of the exciting aspects about 3D printing for fashion is that you don’t need a sewing machine! In order to assemble this garment, you will, however, need access to a 3D printer, a spool of filament as well as the specialized glue which I use.
This workshop will take place in real-time, with questions coming in on the go but of course, if you have more questions after the course you are welcome to email me and I would love to answer them!