Danit Peleg

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Danit Peleg and her team are eager to keep pushing the boundaries of 3D printed fashion. They are passionate about challenging the ecosystem to develop new materials, new printing techniques, and new software breakthroughs.

In 2017, Danit launched a revolutionary platform on her website that allows customers to order and personalize their own 3D printed garments. In 2020, Danit went a step further by offering digital files of 3D printed garments that can be downloaded and then printed at the customer’s nearest 3D printer. It’s like the iTunes store for clothes – it’s truly Beauty You Can Build.

Danit also teaches a virtual workshop that introduces beginners to the amazing world of 3D-printed fashion. This live virtual course is one of the first of its kind. Danit believes that the generous exchange of ideas in fashion drives positive change and growth in this industry.


Danit Peleg is a fashion designer and a pioneer in 3D printed fashion. In 2015, she made international headlines for being the first designer in the world to create an entire collection using desktop 3D home printers for her graduate project at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. In 2016, she was invited by the Paralympic Games to design a 3D-printed dress for Amy Purdy, a double-leg amputee dancer, who performed at the Opening Ceremony.

The Danit Peleg 3D Team works closely with both material researchers and printing companies to realize the dream of making 3D printing in fashion accessible to everyone. The team also aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by drastically cutting waste and pollution. This means disrupting traditional fashion supply chains and ultimately creating a more sustainable, hopeful alternative for the future.

Danit Peleg is also a consultant who advises fashion brands on how to incorporate this fascinating new technology into their work. She deeply believes that the generous exchange of ideas and knowledge in fashion drives positive growth and change in the industry. Her 3D-printed fashion items are highly coveted and have been sold and loaned to fashion icons, schools, museums, and events around the world.

Danit is also a TED speaker and has been featured in world-renowned publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, and Women’s Wear Daily. In 2018, she was recognized as one of Europe’s Top Women in Tech by Forbes. In 2019, the BBC named her as one of the 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world. Danit believes that 3D printing opens up fascinating new opportunities in fashion and wants to inspire future generations of designers to dream big. She is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


I feel very fortunate to be one of the world’s pioneers in 3D printed fashion, and I didn’t get to where I am today by myself. I had a lot of help from amazing makers in the 3d printing community.

I deeply believe that the generous exchange of ideas in fashion and technology drives positive change and growth in the industry. This is why I love opening up my heart and my knowledge to like-minded people through public speaking and sharing my personal vision and experiences in 3D printed fashion.

I enjoy talking about the power and potential of 3D printing in fashion, as well as where I think this technology is taking us next.

Feel free to email booking@danitpeleg.com to discuss your upcoming conference and how we can work together.

Titles of talks:
3D Printed Fashion – The Future Of Fashion?
Model the future of fashion technology with 3D printing pioneer Danit Peleg

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