Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on being a first, and one of just one hundred special customers to design and own your new custom-made 3D printed bomber jacket!

General Order Information

As this production is based on a limited edition of 100 pieces, jackets will be reserved and manufactured for the first 100 customers to design and place an order. This will occur on a first-come-first-served basis, with jackets 3D printed made-to-order. Once customers place their order, they will be allocated in our system according to where they rank in the first 100. Customers will receive a confirmation email notifying them that their order has been placed, with their number in line, that has been automatically allocated to them.

Production Process

Production for each jacket has several integral parts, please read the following to be informed on the special process your 3D printed garment will go through:
The beginning of your jacket’s lifecycle begins with our partners at Recreus in Elda, Spain. Using their wonderful Filament FilaFlex® and 3D printers to print the different components of your jacket. This first step will take roughly 100 hours.

Once printing is complete, all pieces of your jacket will travel to my team in Tel Aviv, Israel where we will assemble all parts and attach the silky (non-3D printed) lining, to complete your jacket.
Finally, we will send out your limited edition piece to you wherever you are in the world, and thus will begin your new life together!

While we will make every effort to get you your jacket as quickly as possible, we hope you understand that as this is the very first 3D printed garment available for customization and purchase online, we expect it to take longer than an ordinary garment’s production and hope you understand why.


Here is what to expect for the production and shipping timeline of your very special jacket:
The amount of time your jacket will take to be produced and delivered to you all depends on how early you placed your order, and what number you received in the production line. Depending on where you rank in this list, it can take up to three months to receive your jacket. Again, as we are incorporating a new technology in our system, we want you to be fully aware that production can take longer than usual, therefore, we do not suggest orders to be made if there is a rush for the item. Alternatively, good things come to those who wait, and we know the wait will be worth it!